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Salam and greetings dear readers 😉

Ever since our daughter comes into our life, me and hubby felt life has totally change. Its been 11 months now but i’m not shame to say that we’re still struggling coping ourselves with all the things that come with her. Oh, i love my daughter so much! Thank you God.

Its amazing how a tiny cute little creature can changed us a lot. Changed how we see life. Suddenly our priorities changed. Suddenly my 24hrs feel like  no hrs! No more late hours in the office. There’s a bigger asset i have to take care at home.

I have a plan to work from home so i can be with my daughter exploring the world she yet to know. I’m desperate to be with her as these early years are essential for her brains development. I’ll write more about this in my future entry. But this time, i’m happy to share with you my wonderful experience last weekend. Yippie!

Last weekend (Dec 26 2009)  i attended this WAHM ( read working at home mom) Workshop with MamaFiza. I’ve been following her blog for quite sometime as her idea of  ‘parents are the best teacher’ rock me! Do you care to know that she’s a proud mama to 4 kids and she’s just 24-yo??  You oughta know her 😉

With super cheerful Mamafiza! ( Grab from LittleKittle.com)

Now let me share you about this event.

It was fun! I made lots of new friends! The workshop was  in small size (14 hot moms only). I don’t want to forget any of them so let me list all of them here.. Siti Mariam (h/wife with craft talent), Huda (JPM staff), Mardziah (a p/t lecturer, all the way from JB!), Tini (was a researcher), Rabiah (Marie Kay Beauty Consultant), Yusrina (Optometris), Adibah (Auditor), Azidah (work in Japan Company+adventurous goer), Zetty (Toshiba staff + mount conquerer), Azni (work with Japan company), Julie (sits next to me, 6 kids, aged 32 only!, sahm), Oya (accountant), Rina (all the way from penang!)

WAHM wannabe! (grab from littlekittle.com)

Mamafiza shared so much infos and tips during the workshop from business tips to life tips. No boundaries no limitation to the topic. Up close and personal! No kidding, she’s such a nice person, approachable and entertain all the queries from the floors. During the limited 4 hours time, i managed to jot down few pages of important notes.

I have many queries answered during this workshop. Mamafiza shared her experience on how to manage our time once we decide to work from home.  If we are selling, it is wise to opt for email as the biz communication mode (corresponding with customer) and advised that we avoid communicating via SMS or call. It is also recommended to set only one or two days only per week for delivery (if selling physical goods) to save time and cost. Also we must make clear about our term and conditions to avoid dispute. It is important to do what you like. For a business, a blog is important to create trust.Mamafiza advised that we invest for our brain.

Mamafiza dearie, thanks a lot for sharing/revealing so much tips and knowledge during the workshop. I wish we had more time that day! From business tips to life tips, you really show me the way. I never realized i was an idiot for doing things ‘like that’ when i can actually done it ‘like this’. You made me say “Owh, i never know it was actually that simple!” hahaha!

Attending moral uplifting event like this really boost my moral up. Chatting over lunch buffet was great. Oh  i forgot to mentioned the event was held at cititel midvalley.

So if you would like to experience the workshop, you can contact me or just go to mamafiza website okay.

WAHM workshop with Mamafiza, all WAHM wannabe must attend!

See ya!,


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7 Responses

  1. mamafiza says:

    Dearest benevolent lady Miss Hanim >_<

    OMG, I’m speechless! What a huge compliment from your side, I’m truly thrilled and deeply appreciate your sincerity.

    My dear, please keep on your superb work, do expose & guide your lil girl to the borderless opportunity. She’s very brilliant girl, no doubt about it!

    Again, gazillion thanks my sweetie, you’re the best momma >O<

    Thank you so much for sponsoring my kids, they love the books *hugs Auntie Hanim*

    My prayer for your joyful & successful future. Amin~ Gambatte ne ^_-

  2. tirokwifey says:

    Hi hi Mamafiza!
    My first comment come from my huge idol! What a surprise hihihi.
    Thanks a lot babe 😉 The pleasure is mine..

  3. yus says:

    Salam Miss Hanim.

    Excellent review!! yeeay!!

    Semoga apa yg kita impikan tercapai!!

  4. tirokwifey says:

    Salam yus!

    Thanks for dropping by ;p
    Hihihi, pls come again! 😉

  5. […] WordPress PluginUpdate: 12th January 2010 – New blog posting by Miss Hanim *tears* >0< Check it out, thank […]

  6. zaza hamid says:

    aku ni, jaja.
    how wonderful, aku dah lama cari taska yg macam ni, since aku terbaca pasal NURY tuh, this module at taska raniya ni seems like sooooo much fun for Nuh. Gile aku struggle nak ajar dia reading n counting everyday lepas balik keje…dicampur dgn penat keje lagi…

    bestnyer…nak cari cawangan taska ni area kajang la…for obvious reason, aku tinggal di kajang sana…

    anyway, happy for u and damia.


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