my baby my priority

Happy 1st Birthday

Anaknda ku Damia Farhanah..
My bright, my happy girl,
Ibu and ayah always pray for your best..
Ya Allah, perbaikkanlah keturunanku..

the last 'just you and me' photo..

just the right time.. Feb 09, 2009

now three.. never a crowd..

1 day new..

2 weeks ol.. new comer..

1 mth ol.. nice imaginary friend ;)..

2 mths ol.. beginner..

3 mths ol.. getting familiar with the environment..

4 mths ol.. ready for the next level..

5 mths ol.. getting hotter..

6 mths ol.. getting mobile..

7 mths ol.. what's this and that?

8 mths ol.. discover new talent, smile

9 mths ol.. building social skills..

10 mths ol.. handphone is hello

the laughter that light up the room..

10 mths ol.. into more ventures..

11 mths ol.. the first pool..

11 mths ol.. the first owned hijab..

My 1 yr-ol Farhanah.. Feb 09, 2010 04:32 hr


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